Our Japanese teahouse is a place where everyone can enjoy Matcha and Wagashi.  If you want to try Japanese tea ceremony, you can do it even though you don't know the manners.


Matcha:  抹茶, Japanese Green Powdered Tea.

Wagashi: 和菓子, Japanese Sweets.



  In 1984, Yuu Fuu Tei started a Japanese traditional rickshaw service in Kamakura, then we opened a teahouse in 2012 with a wish to inherit the Japanese tea culture to the future.

  My husband pulls his rickshaw and I run the teahouse.


Yuu Fuu Tei's Rickshaw


  We have table seats besides Japanese Zashiki room.  Visitors can enjoy Matcha with Japanese sweets at the table, if they don't like sitting on the floor.


  If you prefer to regullar cafe-drinks sucha as coffee, it's also available. 

  You can also enjoy Matcha in a Chashitsu (茶室, Japanese tea room).  I will make Matcha and you will enjoy that while feeling the atmoshphere of the traditional tea ceremony.  There is no problem even if you don't know the manners nor you wear casual clothes.

  We also serve the Kimono Rental so that visitors could enjoy the tea ceremony wearing Kimono.


 Requests to visitors


- Our house is in Japanese style.  So we ask all visitors to take off their shoes at the entrance even for the table seats.  (Western toilets are set in the mens' and ladies' room.)


- I can't respond to the large number of visitors at the same time because our room is not so wide and no other staff than me in the house.  If you visit us with a couple, family, and a small group of friends, it will be highly appreciated.


   We are sorry for some inconvenience, but we really want overseas visitors to find and enjoy Kamakura tour and the Japanese tea culture, too.


See you at Yuu Fuu Tei's teahouse !


Yuu Fuu Tei

2-5-13 Yukinoshita, Kamakura, Kanagawa Pref. 2480005, Japan

TEL / FAX: +81 (0)467-24-3739


Closed: Irregularly

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(Jp) http://Yuu-Fuu-Tei.main.jp/kamakura/


(En) http://Yuu-Fuu-Tei-en.com/

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