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Experience (Trial)

  With the reservation, you will be able to enjoy our optional service for some experiences such as Tea ceremony, Kimono dressing, and Rickshaw ride going back to Kamakura station.


  I obtained the qualification as a master of Tea ceremony and have been familiar with tea and Kimono for many years.  It's not easy to do with them, but I think that it would be a good experience just to feel it.

  You will use authentic tea bowls and Kimono, either of which is not the product for the rent.


 Requests to visitors

  I speak English without much difficulty in the general conversation.  However, I'm not much confident in my English to take a reservation on the phone and explain subtle nuance in the course of isnstruction.  So, if your friend who speaks Japanese contacts us to make a reservation and comes with you or a travel guide takes care of those optional services, it would be highly appreciated.


  For example, they have experienced to take overseas visitors to our teahouse.

Kamakura Welcome Guides

(Kamakura free guide for overseas visitors)


 How to drink Matcha

* You will be shown the instuction written in English in the house, a part of which is as follows.


  When the dried or moist Wagashi is served, eat that before Matcha-drink.  Matcha will taste good while keeping sweetness in your mouth.  Hold a dish or plate of  Wagashi on your hand, and pinch the dried sweets with your fingers or cut and stab the moist cake with the stick by the other hand.



 How to make and serve Matcha

  When we drink Matcha as a guest, it will be all right just enjoy drinking after knowing some steps.  But it's the different story when we make and serve Matcha to guests, which is difficult and requires long year training.  

  Therefore, just try to do it as I demonstrate each steps in our tea room.  If you feel Matcha-make, know the difficulty even just to make bubbles, it would be a nice enjoyment to you.


  When it's not fully booked, we will surely welcome visitors without reservation.  Please be free to drop in at Yuu Fuu Tei's teahouse in the middle of your Kamakura walk and enjoy Matcha or other cafe menu either at the table seats or Zashiki tea room.  No translator and no guide will be all right in that case.  We prepare English menu and handbook of "how to drink Matcha".


  We offer only the hand-picked Matcha that we selected in Kyoto.  As for the sweets, they are also real Wagashi as being produced by hand in the specialty shops or being made from sugar cane produced in the limitted area in Shikoku.


  Our selection of the sugar cane sweets is known under the name of Wasanpou 和三宝 that is the highest ranked in Wasanbon 和三盆.  Therefore, price of those items might be a little higher compared to that in the reguar tea shops, but we are proud that those traditional items are worth of it.



  Enjoy the hand-picked Matcha tea and Wagashi cakes.  Feel the skill of the craftsman with your senses!


  We serve several kinds of Wagashi for your drink.  Choose one piece from Japanese moist cake, waffers, or others for "Kamakura Combo" or "Matcha & Coffee".  If you prefer dried sweets, "Drink with Ohigashi" would be better for you.

 Menu as of April, 2017

Kamakura Combo
Choose one item each for Wagashi (from 1 to 4) and drink (from 5 to 7).

1. Namagashi (生菓子, Japanese fresh and moist cakes)


2. Monaka (もなか, Japanese waffers sfuffed with sweet bean jam)


3. Dorayaki (どらやき, Japanese pancake with sweet bean jam)


4. Uji Matcha Kanten (宇治抹茶寒天, Powdered green tea jelly with sweet bean Jam)


Brand Matcha

Brand powdered green tea

The Minister of Agriculture, Foresty and Fisheries Prize was awarded to those Matcha.

Fresh bitterness


6. YUUGEN 又玄
Well-harmonized bitterness and sweetness


Mellow sweetness


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