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  Good places in Kamakura change variously depending on the season and the weather.  Shrines and temples rich in individuality are located very close like several minute walk each.


  Therefore it's difficult to identify one place as the recommended spot.  Walking around the city while visiting those places is the fun of Kamakura visit.  So, let us show you Kobukuro Zaka cut road as our most neighboring historical place.


  Kamakura is surrounded by mountains and the sea like the a natural fortress, and people in the Kamakura period did not have other options than taking the Seven Entrances made by cutting the mountains.


  Kobukuro Zaka cut road was one of those entrances and was an important road connecting the central part around Tsurugaoka Hachimangu and Kita Kamakura where Kenchoji, Engakuji and other temples were built.


  R-21 is also called Kobukuro Zaka that we use now, but the original Kobukuro Zaka in Kamakura period was built a little south.  We can't get to Kikakamakura through that original road anymore due to the dead end, but Oume Seiten Sha and some monuments stand as they did those days.


Ome Seiten Sha 青梅聖天社:

  An old shrine standing quietly on the Kobukuro zaka old cut road.  One day in Kamakura period, Shogun got badly sick.  He requested for the blue plum (青梅, Japanese greengage), but it was not in plum season.

  Searchign for plum hear and there, some blue plum were finally found at that shrine.  He got better after eating that.  This is a lore that shows how the shrine was named.


  Statue worshiped at that shrine is now designated one of the Kamakura cultural property.  


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